Pipe Design to ASME VIII-1

Calculate the requred wall thickness or maximum allowable working pressure of an ASME VIII-1 pipe under internal pressure.

UG-16 (minimum thickness calculation), UG-79 (forming strain), UG-28 (external pressure) is not included in this calcualtion

Outside Diameter, (Do) mm
Nominal Wall Thickness, (tnom) mm
Length, (L) mm
Corrosion Allowance, (C) mm
Allowable Stress, (S) mm
Undertolerance Alllowance, (UTP) %
Internal Pressure, (P) MPa
Longitudinal Seam Efficiency:
Circumferential Seam Efficiency:
Volume, (V): Litres
Undertolerance, (UT): mm
Design Thickness, (t): mm
Design Inside Radius, (R): mm
Required Thickness Circumferential Stress (Longitudinal Joints), (tcirc): mm UG-27(c)(1)
Required Thickness Longitudinal Stress (Circumferential Joints), (tlong): mm UG-27(c)(2)
Maximum Pressure Circumferential Stress (Longitudinal Joints), (Pcirc): MPa UG-27(c)(1)
Maximum Pressure Longitudinal Stress (Circumferential Joints), (Plong): MPa UG-27(c)(2)