Hemispherical Head Design to ASME VIII-1

Calculate the requred wall thickness or maximum allowable working pressure of an ASME VIII-1 Hemispherical Head under internal pressure.

UG-16 (minimum thickness calculation), UG-79 (forming strain), UG-28 (external pressure) is not included in this calcualtion

To use this calculation t<0.356L and P<0.665SE

Outside Diameter, (Do) mm
Nominal Wall Thickness, (tnom) mm
Corrosion Allowance, (C) mm
Allowable Stress, (S) mm
Undertolerance Alllowance, (UTP) %
Internal Pressure, (P) MPa
Joint Efficiency:
Volume, (V): Litres
Undertolerance, (UT): mm
Design Thickness, (t): mm
Design Inside Radius, (R): mm
Required Thickness, (t): mm UG-32(e)(3)
Maximum Pressure, (P): MPa UG-32(e)(3)