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We provide comprehensive audits of engineering calculations, spreadsheets, and software. Our goal is to proactively identify errors and inconsistencies early in the development process, saving you valuable time and resources.

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Furley Engineering: Mechanical Engineering Audit Experts

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Furley Engineering partners with engineering and software companies to conduct proactive, relentless audits on engineering calculations, spreadsheets, and software. We ensure adherence to BS ISO 19011:2018 standard.

Mechanical engineering audits are essential for various reasons. You might need one for compliance with legislation, to review your processes and controls (e.g., engineering design verification, validation of engineering calculations), or simply for peace of mind. Regardless of the reason, you deserve independent and accurate audit reports.

When you choose Furley Engineering, you benefit from our objective and practical audit and assurance services. We help ensure your projects meet engineering standards and provide compliance review. This gives you the confidence to focus on what matters – running your business.

We offer fixed-fee audits, minimising disruption to your workflow. This allows for more effective budgeting and a focus on core business activities.

Furley Engineering is proud to be partnered with Defence Battlelabs and Dorset engineering and manufacturing cluster .

Our Services

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Software Audits

Our team will audit your engineering software to uncover errors and challenge assumptions. We collaborate with either the client or the software providers to resolve any issues, ensuring you get the most out of your investment. Our reputation and positive reviews often make us a preferred choice over alternatives.

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Spreadsheet Audits

We conduct thorough audits on engineering spreadsheets to uncover errors. We then work hand-in-hand with the supplier of the spreadsheet to document and improve it, enhancing its reliability and efficiency. Our comprehensive range of offerings is one of the many reasons clients choose us.

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Standards Review

We keep a close eye on new revisions of standards, highlighting changes from one version to another. This helps your team transition seamlessly to new or updated standards. We understand that cost and value for money can be a concern. However, our positive reviews and testimonials should reassure you about the quality of our service.

Our Service Plans

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Plan 1: Comprehensive Audit & Analysis

We perform thorough audits, providing you with a detailed report that pinpoints errors and identifies their root causes.

Plan 2: Implementation & Stress Testing

Building on the insights from Plan 1, we aid in implementing necessary corrections and conduct rigorous stress tests on the calculations for robust verification.

Plan 3: Team Training & Education

Leveraging the findings from Plans 1 and 2, we facilitate comprehensive team training sessions to enhance your team’s understanding and skills.

Our Customers

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What our customers say about us

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Image of Anthony Culshaw
Anthony Culshaw - Technical Director at Britlift

We have worked with Graeme many times and are always impressed with his dedication and hard work. He has a wide range of skills and experience so there is never any hesitation to involve him in any project. I would happily recommend him to anyone looking to outsource part of their design or engineering process. Furthermore, we have found Graeme to be a positive influence on young engineers, which is hardly surprising given his experience in this area.

Image of David Clemmitt
David Clemmitt - Engineering Director at Heatric

Graeme is a very capable and talented engineer who has a multitude of technical and interpersonal skills.

I have known Graeme over the past two years, working in my team on a number of different improvement activities. He has transformed our CAD and draughting capabilities across the business, applying sound engineering practices and excellent knowledge of CATIA, to deliver professional and industry standard drawing outputs to our customers and manufacturing and procurement teams. This has already improved the quality of the product and reduced the amount of design time, the engineers take to produce a model and the associated drawing packs for approval and manufacture. He has good practical knowledge and when this is married up with his sound mechanical engineering expertise, this makes him a highly valuable individual.

I couldn’t recommend Graeme enough, he would be an asset to any engineering team.

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Michael Johnston - Design Development Engineer at Meggitt

Furley Engineering was able to provide us with a CATVBA script that builds a 3D model of our product from scratch, based on design information from a supplied test file, with no input from the user. The speed and professionalism with which he undertook this task and his knowledge and understanding of CATIA is second to none. We are always impressed with his work.

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